Full Time RV Adventures
Full Time RV Adventures

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Dreaming Big: Our Next Big Idea & Investment Opportunity

Camp & Glampground Update!

We’re excited to share the latest developments on our Camp and Glampground project. While the journey has taken a bit longer than initially anticipated, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re in the process of acquiring 15 acres in the scenic upstate SC. Our closing date is just around the corner!

Once we secure the land, there’s substantial groundwork to be done, including clearing some young trees and underbrush. But envisioning the transformation is exhilarating! With the land prepared, we’ll be ready to conceptualize and finalize our site plan.

To support our vision and be a part of this thrilling venture, consider donning one of our t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, or pullover hoodies. Your contribution means the world to us!

Learn more about this project.

Our Full Time RV Adventure Begins

We sold our house, bought a big truck and a Big 5th Wheel RV (See details below) . Come rain or shine, we are committed to being full time RVers for at least 15 months. We hit the road on May 1, 2022 to see God’s beautiful creation first hand, and have been sharing our journey and lessons learned along the way.  You can find our longer videos on Youtube and Rumble, while our shorter clips and pics will be shared on other Social Media Channels. Click our social media  buttons to subscribe or follow.

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The Journeyer's

Full Time RV Adventures


The Husband

Full Time RV Adventures


The Wife

Gracie Midlife Mile Marker


The Aplha Dog

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The Spoiled Brat

Queen of Mischief


The Queen of Mischief

Full Time RV Adventures

DRV Mobile Suite

2021 DRV 41RKDB 5th Wheel

After much research, RV tours, and internet searching, we set our eyes on the DRV 41RKDB (41 Ft, Rear Kitchen, Dual Bath). We found this Beauty at RV’s For Less, in Knoxville TN. They were so kind and patient with us, working with our timetable as we transitioned from selling our house to making the purchase. It was about a two-month process from the initial inquiry about the RV and our trip to TN to make the purchase.

Ford F350

2016 Ford King Ranch Super Duty 4×4 Dually

We searched high and low for the truck that met our budget, style and ability to pull our 22,000 pound RV. After weeks of searching on car gurus, we finally came across this beautiful specimen at Murray Ford, which was only a few hundred miles from our home in Charleston, SC. It had just 35,000 miles and was well maintained by it’s original owner. As an aesthetic bonus, the original grill had recently been replaced with a Ford Raptor grill.


Ford F350 King Ranch

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