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Affording the RV Lifestyle

How We Afford Our Full-Time RV Lifestyle

One of the main questions we get asked is something along the lines of , “How do you afford to travel full-time”? As much as we wish we were on a permanent vacation, we both work full-time while on the road. Use the buttons below to see what we do individually, or just keep on scrolling down the page.


I own Palmetto Media Company, a small business that provides content creation, video editing , social media, web design and graphic design services. I love creating content  for small companies or influencers who don’t have the time to edit their own work. 

Shelley is a Life Insurance Broker. She sells life insurance, specializing in final expense. She is also an annuity specialist and helps people find the right annuity for them. 


Shelley is a Life Insurance Broker, specializing in final expense. She has access to over 40 life insurance carriers and enjoys helping people find the best life insurance package for them, within a budget they can afford.