Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Looking for a healthy snack or side dish to your main meal? Check out our Home Made Sweet Potato Fries Recipe! They taste great and are simple to make!

Step 1: Preheat convection oven, or regular oven to 400 degrees

Step 2: Peel your sweet potatoes (One potato per person usually works great)

Step 3: Cut them with with a French fry cutter

Step 4: Put them in bowl

Step 5: Pour some olive oil on top

Step 6: Add salt an pepper, or whatever seasoning you like

Step 7: Mix them up real good, making sure there’s a coating of olive oil on every fry

Step 8: Add more seasoning if necessary

Step 9: Organize them on a cooking stone or Baking Sheet. Don’t let the fries touch each other, if possible 

Step 10: Place them in your oven and cook for aprox 20 – 25 minutes (I usually leave min in until it smells like they are starting to burn)

Step 11: Enjoy the Yumminess!

Items We Used For Our Sweet Potato Fries

Besides the sweet potatoes and seasonings, the only other items you’ll need is a Crinkle Cutter and a Cooking Stone or Baking Sheet. Below are a few options from Amazon:

Crinkle Cutter

HIC Wavy Crinkle Cutting Tool Serrator Salad Chopping Knife and Vegetable French Fry Slicer, Steel Blade, 7.25-Inches x 5-Inches

Crinkle Cutter

Crinkle Chopper, Wavy Potato Soap Cutting Tool French Fry Slicer Stainless Steel Blade Wooden Handle Serrator Chopping Knife, Set of 2

Crinkle Cutter

Upgraded Potato Crinkle Cutter, Stainless Steel Waffle Fly Cutter with a Julienne Peeler, Wavy Vegetable Slicer Kitchen Chopper Knife for Baby Food veggie Salad Carrots French Fries, Black by Jonbyi

Cooking Stone

Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Pizza Stone, Baking Stone for Bread, Pizza Pan for Oven and Grill, Thermal Shock Resistant, 15 x 12 Inch Rectangular, 6.6Lbs

Cooking Stone

Skyflame 14” x 16” Rectangle Ceramic Pizza Baking Stone with Metal Handle Rack Fits For Most Charcoal Grills, Gas Grills, Pizza Oven, Pellet Grills, BGE, Kamado Grills, Smoker

Cooking Stone

Vital VGL1000-01 Volcano Stone Cooking Tile, 8″ x 12″

  • 100% natural volcano stone
  • Ideal as cooking surface on BBQ: protects food from exposure to dry hot air and carbonization. Let’s you deglaze while cooking
  • Perfect as pizza stone!
  • Made in Italy

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