Tuckers Tidbits

Tuckers' Tidbits

Welcome to our Journey! 

We are Midlife Mile Marker, and we are having the time of our lives exploring this beautiful nation! We are blessed by the Lord to be able to travel around the United States & see things we never dreamed possible! Many have told us this has always been their dream.  To some, it is a dream that will always be just that- a dream.  Others, are thinking about taking the leap! No matter where you fall on that spectrum, we love having the opportunity to share our experiences with you!  

I want to take this time to formally introduce us.  As many of you know, Gary is the man behind the camera.  He loves telling our stories through videos, and it is obvious that he is exceptionally good at it.  In addition to creating content for Midlife Mile Marker, he makes a career providing  content creation, website design, videography, and social media services for various clients.  He is the creative mind on this adventure as well as the handler of all things outside of the RV, any needed repairs, & driving this monster home on wheels.

I am the smiling face (sometimes prompted haha) next to him in the videos.  I am also the blog writer for “Tuckers Tidbits” and handle all things inside of the RV.  I am the type A personality and handle budgeting & also the planning of touristy adventures.  Oh what a combination! Type A & a creative mind! Do you feel my pain?!  I also work, because we need money to put diesel in that monster truck, and eating occasionally is nice also.  This adventure is not a life vacation, at least not yet! I sell life insurance & specialize in final expense.  I have the privilege of protecting families from additional stress in the midst of grieving their lost loved ones.  More importantly, I share the gospel as I go around to different homes.  I seriously have the best career imaginable! God gave me an opportunity that serves His purpose & I can make necessary income!  I also have three grown children that I love very much & the most perfect granddaughter! I can’t wait to see them this winter!

Let’s not forget the cutest travelers in the bunch!  Gracie, Lillie, & Brie- our fur babies! They “tolerate” our traveling & bring us joy every single day.  I call Gracie “mama Grace”.  She is 11 years old & keeps her sisters in check. She is a sweetheart & loves laying in her bed by the fireplace or snuggling up to Gary.  Lillie is my little “sugarlump”.  She is the sweetest, most docile little girl.  She does not like being in the car AT ALL.  It gives her terrible anxiety, but once she’s out of the car, she is our happy Lillie again especially snugged up against her momma 🙂 The caboose is Brie.  Oh my… Brie! She is our little firecracker.  Brie’s brain never stops, but when she finally settles down, she is a sweet, cuddly little girl.  She is most happy being held by mom & dad or playing with her squeaky toy.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone that has been following us, praying for us, & encouraging us! God is so good, and He is allowing us to do what many have only dreamed of, & for that we are grateful.  We have reached Midlife, & we decided that in life there will be many mile markers, some good & some not so much.  Nonetheless, each one makes up this thing we call life.  To whatever degree you are able, make the most of it!  And take a little time to get outside & enjoy the beauty God created!

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